Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tanning salon procedures lead to skin cancer

According to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, tanning salons are misleading their customers with the information they are providing about the risks of tanning procedures. The risks primarily include skin cancer. The Committee found out that there has been false information circulated to customers from the salons.

Generally, indoor tanning can trigger skin cancer especially when done more often because the ultraviolet rays (UV) released by it becomes too much than normal amount. HCEC discovered that 90 percent of salons which were investigated denied the linkage between skin cancer and tanning procedures as “merely a great myth” or “rumor.”

In addition, some salons that provide tanning services claimed that “it is actually beneficial to undergo indoor tanning as it can help prevent cancer.” The worst idea that HCEC found out is the claim that it can treat lupus and arthritis, help in weight loss, enhance immune system and prevent osteoporosis.

With these false details gathered by the Committee, people become more prone to acquiring skin cancer because people are more attracted to undergo indoor tanning procedure.

Remember tanning is one of the causes of skin cancer. The more a person is exposed to UV rays; the probability of acquiring the chronic illness is very high.

It is important that we become aware of this especially teenagers since they are the main target market of these salons.

If you have plans to apply the procedure, you must first know the amount of UV rays because there is only a certain amount that FDA approves. Although tanning bed is classified as Class 1 (safe medical equipment) by FDA, it is still essential that you are properly informed with the procedure in order to prevent skin cancer.


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