Saturday, February 25, 2012

Self-test on skin cancer symptoms

According to the report of National Council on Skin Prevention in the United States, new cases of skin cancer diagnosis in the country have grown greater than 3.5 million, annually. This number is more than the combined cases of colon, prostate, breast and lungs cancers.

American Cancer Society stated that among all types of cancer, skin cancer is mainly common which is primarily caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays. Sun is the primary source of UV rays but tanning lamps which are man-made are additional sources.

Skin is the largest organ in our body system. Thus, it is important that we see to it that we are able to take good care of this organ because this is the most exposed part on our daily activities. We would not want to have problems with our skin, right? Neither blood tests nor x-ray are needed to test your skin. You can do  it at home with just a mirror.  Below are the procedures to test the health of our skin.

Face the mirror. Check each part of your body particularly the stomach, chest, neck, face and ears. As for the women, you are required to lift your breasts in order to have a look on the part underneath. Both sides of your underarms as well as your arms are also needed to be checked. Your hands particularly your palm, under the fingernails and spaces between fingers must also be checked.

Sit down. Skin of your lower body parts like toes, feet, knees and things should be checked. For the back portion of your legs such as calves, use hand mirror in order to see it.

You must also check your genitals, lower and upper back, and scalp.

If you see something wrong, like swollen red skin you must see the doctor immediately. Remember: Prevention is better than cure.

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